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  2. My bedside light shining on the ceiling looks like the moon :)


  3. Hey friends! Check out the album sampler for my new album “AWAKE IN THE DARK”

    Coming this February 2014!!

    Thanks so much! You’re all rad! :)


  4. Another beautiful sunny afternoon. Another fun walk & some memories in pictures :)


  5. Hi there person reading this :)
    I took these photos when I went for a walk today. If you like them, maybe you will like my music too. It would be super cool of you if you checked it out! Also I would be very grateful. If you do have a listen and you like it, message me and let me know. We could be friends you know :)

    Thanks, Thomas.




  7. sweetkissesxxoox asked: Wow, you take amazing pictures.Your blog is great! Stay perfect cx

    Hi there :)

    Thank you so much! Your kind words made my day! You stay perfect too :)